Exilis an excellent wrinkle reduction treatment in Newport Beach

Our skin is our largest and most visible organ. It’s no surprise that the appearance of our skin can cause us to feel fabulous or, when it because saggy and wrinkled, look and feel older than we would like. The development of fine lines and wrinkles is inevitable. As we notice changes in the skin on our neck, chest, face, and hands, we may consider a variety of treatment options, including procedures like a face lift. Today, wrinkle reduction is an absolute possibility, without the need for invasive cosmetic surgery. In our Newport Beach dermatology practice, Dr. Farshidi uses Exilis to accomplish dramatic results.

Exilis, cleared by the FDA for anti-aging treatments, is extremely versatile. Not only does this comfortable treatment promote collagen production for younger, tighter skin, it is also effective as a cellulite and fat reducing treatment. Using state of the art technology, Exilis delivers waves of monopolar radio frequency energy to the upper layers of skin, the dermis. Once absorbed by skin cells, the production of collagen increases, the skin becomes tighter, and tiny fibrous tissues beneath the skin, such as found in cellulite, are broken up. Regardless of your true age, you can feel more vibrant and alive with more radiant skin.

Exilis treatment is comfortable and convenient. We begin with a consultation in which Dr. Farshidi will listen to your skin concerns, and examine your skin to determine the suitability of Exilis as a wrinkle reduction treatment. Most people will benefit greatly from a number of Exilis treatments, usually three to five. The number of treatments that will produce optimal results is dependent on the state of skin, and its response to radio frequency energy.

Once Exilis has been chosen as the ideal wrinkle reduction treatment, the first treatment session will be arranged in our Newport Beach dermatology practice. During treatment, patients sit or lie comfortably in the treatment room, while the handheld Exilis device is slowly moved over the chosen area. Throughout treatment, the energy absorbed by skin cells will create warmth, which we can adjust using Exilis’ built-in cooling system.

We understand the importance of healthy, radiant skin. If wrinkles and lines are making you feel older, we can help. Contact us for your Exilis consultation with Dr. Arta Farshidi.


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