Where should I seek wrinkle fillers for face rejuvenation near me in Newport Beach?

Age has a way of creeping onto the face at some point in time, regardless of how well we take care of ourselves. When the signs of age such as frown lines or crow’s feet begin to affect how you feel about your appearance, you have more options than ever to address these concerns. When it comes to wrinkle fillers for the face, you don’t have to wonder “can I get treatment near me?” The wisest consideration is where in the Newport Beach area anti-aging treatments are performed.

One of the most recognized cosmetic medications to date is Botox. This wrinkle reducing treatment has been used for many years in Europe and since 1989 in the United States. Its safety rating is excellent and its proven results even better. Today, patients may also choose to combat the signs of age with Dysport, another neuromodulator, or with dermal fillers. In many cases, dermal fillers are the ideal complement to Botox or Dysport for a full lifted effect.

The way that neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport work on wrinkles is by affecting the muscles that lie beneath. Every year of our life, we use common facial muscles when we laugh, frown, cry, smile, and make expressions. The daily use of these muscles, over time, leads to perpetual constriction. As the skin ages and holds lower amounts of vital substances like collagen and elastin, this constant contraction is seen in the form of lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. What a neuromodulator does is block the signals from the brain that make muscles constrict. As the muscles slowly relax beneath the skin, lines and wrinkles smooth out beautifully.

The results that come from Botox and Dysport are only partially due to the precise action of the medication. In order to achieve the best possible result, accurate injections must be administered. Anti-aging treatments can be obtained in a number of settings today, including home treatments performed in a party atmosphere. The effects of this type of treatment remain visible for four to six months, far too much time to live with sloppy work. To get the results you really want from Botox or Dysport, you want to receive care from a highly trained, experienced board-certified physician. Without the accuracy provided by this level of practitioner, it is possible that the result will be either too dramatic or not dramatic enough.

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