ViPeel treatment a powerful alternative to traditional chemical peels for Newport Beach patients

VI Peel is a preferred treatment in Newport Beach because it combines the effectiveness of a deeper peel with the ease and low risk of side effects and complications of a more superficial peel.

While VI Peel can be combined with other treatments such as lasers, on its own it can accomplish in one session what other light-based treatments accomplish in multiple sessions.

From the beginning of treatment, VI Peel is an attractive option for those patients with blotchy, leathery, lackluster, spotted and wrinkled skin. It is also a good preventative option for those younger patients with little to no visible signs of aging.

Consider how some older peels required 3 to 5 months of “preconditioning.” No such preparation is necessary with the VI Peel. Dr. Arta Farshidi is happy to offer such an effective comfortable treatment. An anesthetic is built-in to the VI Peel. Your skin will numb as soon as Dr. Farshidi applies the topical solution. A slight stinging may occur at the beginning of treatment but typically subsides in a few seconds. Treatment takes about 20 minutes.

The magic of any peel resides in the ability to remove damaged layers of skin, which gives way to younger skin cells and a refreshed, glowing complexion. Many patients describe the powerful peeling associated with a VI Peel as “light” or “fluffy.” Visible signs of peeling can often be remedied with moisturizer, and usually last from 3 to 7 days post-treatment.

While normal activities can be resumed immediately afterward, Dr. Farshidi generally recommends avoiding activities that involve heavy sweating or direct sun exposure. Dr. Farshidi can recommend sunscreens and other products specially formulated to optimize results of the VI Peel.

Peels may be applied to the neck, hands, arms and chest. Most patients should have VI Peels performed every 3 months or so for maintenance. Keep in mind that the VI Peel family includes VI Peel with Precision, which contains the same ingredients only at higher concentrations for stubborn hyperpigmentation and other conditions. VI Peel Purify is designed with additional ingredients to target acne and the scars it leaves behind.

Dr. Farshidi will take into account many considerations when customizing a treatment to you, but one of the VI Peel’s beautiful features is its suitability to many different types of skin types and tones. In the past, patients with darker complexions may not have enjoyed the restorative and anti-aging benefits of many peels due to the risks of unwanted complications such as hypopigmentation.

Today many patients out there with a variety of conditions can, as Dr. Farshidi puts it, “Discover your skin. Discover a new you.” Call (949) 531-7111 to discover VI Peel for yourself.


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