ViPeel opens up a world of treatment options at Orange County practice

Three of the top 10 sunniest cities in the U.S. are right here in the Golden State. All that sun is a big selling point, but there is a “dark side.” Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the skin. The ViPeel administered at Arta Dermatology can treat a range of unwanted effects from the sun, including:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Pre-cancers
  • Wrinkling

In fact, ViPeel can be used just as safely and effectively on wrinkled and spotted sun-exposed hands, chest, and arms as it is used on facial speckling and lines.

Chemical peels are versatile procedures. Many types of solutions may be applied to improve the skin. The type of solution applied depends on the condition to be treated, as well as the condition of the skin.

This solution sets off a process, whereby the top layers of skin are removed in a controlled fashion. Younger, better-looking skin is revealed.

The ViPeel differs from other peels, in that you can achieve results on even the most challenging skin conditions without the pain that has traditionally been associated with deeper peels. Typically, little more than a few seconds of stinging is noted as the peel is applied (thanks partly to numbing after the first pass of solution).

With home care and products as prescribed by Dr. Arta Farshidi, post-procedure peeling should subside within about a week. Skin returns to its normal PH 4 days post-peeling, at which time you should see improvement in spots, a more luminous complexion, even tone, and a smoother texture.

ViPeel is a hybrid: It combines the strength of deep peels long associated with dramatic differences in the appearance and texture of the skin, with the minimal discomfort and downtime associated with superficial peels. You can have the best of both worlds.

In fact, Vitality Institute Medical Products compares ViPeel effects to laser or light-based therapies such as IPL with a notable difference: Instead of requiring multiple treatments to get the results you need, a ViPeel can treat your conditions in just one session. It should be said that every person is different. The ViPeel can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks initially, if needed.

ViPeel is even good for the most stubborn types of hyperpigmentation, such as melasma. Traditionally, some peels were not suitable for all skin types. Now even those with darker complexions can achieve the restorative benefits of their fairer-skinned counterparts, thanks to ViPeel.

To find out more about the before, during, and after process associated with ViPeel at your Orange County dermatological practice, Arta Dermatology, call (949) 531-7111 to schedule a consultation.


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