Exilis face and neck treatments ideal for skin laxity – see your Newport Beach dermatologist

When we are young, we may not understand just how much we appreciate the plumpness and smoothness of our skin. It is often not until these characteristics are lost that we realize their importance in our facial aesthetic.

With each year that passes, volume in the way of muscle tightness and underlying fat tissue diminishes a bit more. The appearance of the skin is also affected by how much time we spend in the sun, whether or not we smoke, and even our stress level. Though there are many home treatments that can help us continually nourish our skin, there is very little impact on skin laxity from topical treatments. Men and women who want to return to tighter, smoother, more youthful skin can benefit from dermatologic treatment in the Newport Beach dermatology office of Dr. Arta Farshidi.

As a result of extensive research and development, the field of dermatology offers excellent options for skin tightening and toning as an alternative to surgical solutions for the signs of aging. Many people are experiencing problems like drooping jowls, under eye bags, and a loss of definition in the cheek bones but are not to a point where face lift surgery makes sense. This is a great time to consult with your experienced aesthetic dermatologist about skin tightening with Exilis.

The Exilis radio frequency device is a handheld piece of equipment used by your expert dermatologist to improve the look of your skin. In a treatment session, the device is run over the skin, delivering waves of thermal energy as it progresses across the treatment area. Deep beneath the surface, collagen producing cells are stimulated into action and this vital substance is renewed for rebuilding the skin. As the treatment program progresses, you will notice your skin becoming tighter, your facial features more defined, your confidence and satisfaction greatly improving.

There are several advantages to treating skin laxity with Exilis. The technology behind this device is made to protect surface skin while delivering energy right where it will be most effective. Treatment is very warm, but typically not uncomfortable for our patients. There is no need for anesthesia and there are absolutely no incisions, which means there is very minimal risk but great reward.

Revisit your old self with rejuvenating Exilis treatments. Call Arta Dermatology today for your consultation.


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