Addressing myths about treatments for problematic veins – what you should know about Sclerotherapy in Newport Beach

The veins and vessels that carry blood throughout the body are, fortunately, located deep enough beneath the skin that they are not typically visible. There are instances, in which vessels may become enlarged or dysfunctional, making them appear darker or swollen. Spider veins and varicose veins are problems that can cause embarrassment. Visible veins on the face due to broken capillaries may be treated with light therapy, but leg veins are typically treated with sclerotherapy. When considering treatments for problematic veins, you may perceive sclerotherapy to be something it’s not. Your Newport Beach dermatologist, Dr. Arta Farshidi, addresses the myths surrounding this procedure.

Sclerotherapy is painful

Sclerotherapy is a vein removal treatment that has long been thought of as uncomfortable, causing cramps or general aching in the treated area. The formulas used today are very gentle sclerosing agents that contain lidocaine to improve the overall comfort of treatment, as lidocaine numbs tissues.

The procedure is quite fast and effective with little, if any, discomfort. Dr. Farshidi carefully determines the exact angle from which to inject the sclerosing formula, and uses a very small needle to deliver medication into the vein. After treatment, Dr. Farshidi’s patients are able to resume most of their regular activities right away. Over the course of several weeks, treated veins become lighter and lighter until they are no longer visible. Larger veins may require several treatments.

Longevity of results

Some people believe that treated veins will once again become visible some time after sclerotherapy treatment. In fact, this procedure has a proven record of success in eliminating problem veins for good. Treated veins actually close up and gradually dissolve. Blood is redirected to functional, healthy veins. However, sclerotherapy does not prevent the development of new spider veins or varicose veins.

If you have unattractive spider or varicose veins, get the facts from your Orange County dermatologist so that you can find the solution that’s right for you. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Arta in our Newport Beach practice, call (949) 531-7111.


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