Maximize the results of treatment for spider veins in Newport Beach with simple steps

Spider veins are literally very small. Visible on the legs and sometimes on the face, these very small vessels can be a very big problem. Embarrassing purple, red, or blue veins can be difficult to hide with makeup alone. When present on the legs, these veins can be the driving force behind clothing choices. In beautiful Southern California, no one really wants to be covered up throughout the year. With precise treatment for spider veins delivered by your experienced Newport Beach dermatologist, it is possible to regain confidence in your appearance.

The standard treatment for spider veins has not changed a great deal in several years. Sclerotherapy has been, and remains, incredibly effective for the elimination of existing veins. Patients of Dr. Arta Farshidi benefit from treatment tailored to their needs and focused on their comfort. Additionally, we encourage healthy habits for those prone to the development of spider veins in order to maximize results from treatment and reduce the risk of future problems.

Some of the habits that encourage healthy circulation include:

  • Healthy lifestyle activities that minimize weight.
  • Regular exercise that gets the blood flowing. Walking and other aerobic activities pump blood through the veins of the lower extremities even if the level of activity is mild. A thirty-minute walk each day is an excellent way to give the muscles and veins a boost.
  • Moving frequently throughout the day. Sitting or standing in any position for too long can allow blood to pool in the lower extremities. Getting up and moving around for five to ten minutes every hour or two lets the blood move and the muscles pump blood through vessels back towards the heart.
  • Footwear actually plays a role in the health of leg veins. The recommendation is to choose footwear that allows the muscles of the ankle to move freely. High heels may not facilitate this movement.
  • Compression stockings may be worn by patients particularly prone to spider veins and varicose veins. The “support stockings” help the veins move blood more efficiently.

Dr. Arta Farshidi has a wealth of training and experience with which she assists her patients in their goals for healthier, more attractive skin. Learn more about sclerotherapy in your consultation in our Orange County dermatology practice.


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