Eliminate symptoms of problematic veins with sclerotherapy in Newport Beach

The human body has miles of veins and vessels to carry blood. These passageways are typically not highly visible. In some instances, however, proper function in veins becomes impaired, causing them to swell or darken. Dysfunctional veins near the surface of the skin become more visible, with some even bulging or producing uncomfortable symptoms. If spider veins or varicose veins are a problem, sclerotherapy from your Newport Beach dermatologist may be the ideal solution to get you back to a state of confidence.

How sclerotherapy is performed

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure performed in our office setting. There is no downtime after the procedure, which typically takes only about twenty to thirty minutes. During treatment, Dr. Arta injects a sclerosing formula into the vein or veins that have become too visible. This formula contains lidocaine, which has a numbing effect to improve comfort. Following the sclerotherapy procedure, you are able to get back to your normal activities right away. Some patients are encouraged to wear compression garments for a few days following treatment depending on the size of the veins treated. There is no need to worry about the look of these garments; they are available in a variety of trendy styles.


The results achieved with sclerotherapy are not immediately visible. This is because veins are treated with a sclerosing agent rather than removed. The solution that is injected into affected veins causes painless irritation within the vascular walls, leading to the gradual closure of the dysfunctional vein. Small, light veins tend to respond very quickly, with larger veins possibly requiring more than one treatment. Visible results are progressive, growing more obvious over several weeks. Week by week, the treated vein, or veins, lightens until it is no longer visible at all.

A safe, effective solution for veins

Sclerotherapy is a safe non-surgical solution to unwanted veins. Removal of spider and varicose veins does not have a negative impact on blood flow, as there are enough alternative veins to accomplish the necessary tasks. The veins treated with sclerotherapy are those that are not moving blood as they should, which allows blood to pool. Therefore, treating veins with sclerotherapy can actually improve circulation.

Dr. Arta has many delighted patients in the Orange County area who feel better about wearing shorts and skirts thanks to sclerotherapy. Call our office to handle your skin concerns.


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