Fractional laser skin rejuvenation treatments from your Newport Beach dermatologist explained

Today, we have many ways to address the signs of aging. The development of laser technology in the area of skin rejuvenation has paved the way for thousands to significantly reduce the signs of aging and address specific problems such as scarring.

Fractional laser treatments are becoming increasingly popular. This is because, in the hands of your skilled dermatologist, the skin can be transformed with this technology. To treat the skin with fractional laser means that energy is directed at only a portion, or fraction, of the skin. There are two types of fractional laser treatment – non-ablative and ablative. Each type has varying degrees, reaching different depths within the skin.

Many people benefit greatly from non-ablative fractional laser. These skin rejuvenation treatments performed in our Newport Beach office can successfully reduce the appearance of sun damage, aging skin, scars, and melasma. Non-ablative fractional laser treatment is suitable for a number of issues and skin types, including darker complexions. Typical downtime from non-ablative treatment ranges from 24 hours to a few days, during which the skin may be flaky and red.

Ablative fractional laser treatment is more aggressive than non-ablative in that treated skin cells are fully ablated, or destroyed, rather than simply wounded. When the skin is treated with ablative laser therapy, it is likely that scabbing will occur, and downtime for total recovery may last up to seven days, depending on the level of laser energy delivered to the skin. Healing may be facilitated with prescribed ointments and compresses to keep swelling and discomfort to a minimum.

This aggressive form of fractional treatment is used to treat severe scarring, sun damage, or photo aging. Though the recovery is a bit more complex, the results of ablative fractional laser treatment are more dramatic than what is possible with non-ablative treatment.

Both forms of fractional laser treatment have been significantly improved over the years thanks to continual advances within the area of laser therapy for cosmetic dermatology. The side effects and risks of earlier forms of laser treatments, which were fully ablative, have been greatly reduced, allowing more people to benefit from the technology now available.

Aging is something that you can do on your terms. Dr. Arta Farshidi has an extensive background in cosmetic and medical dermatology, and continues her education in innovative new treatments that can benefit her patients.

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