Exilis face and neck treatments ideal for skin laxity – see your Newport Beach dermatologist

When we are young, we may not understand just how much we appreciate the plumpness and smoothness of our skin. It is often not until these characteristics are lost that we realize their importance in our facial aesthetic. With each year that passes, volume in the way of muscle tightness and underlying fat tissue diminishes a bit more. The appearance of the skin is also affected by how much time we spend in the sun, whether or not we smoke, and even our stress level. Though there are many home treatments that can help us continually nourish our skin, there … Continue reading

Look younger with non-surgical skin laxity treatment in the Irvine, CA area

At Arta Dermatology in Newport Beach, we speak with men and women every day who would like to improve the way they feel about their appearance. One of the common complaints we address is aging, which affects everyone’s skin differently. Fine lines and wrinkles may concern some, while others struggle with a loss of laxity that leads to drooping. Addressing these and other concerns is something Dr. Arta does using Exilis treatments in our office near Irvine, CA. In many situations where skin has lost its smooth, tight appearance, Exilis makes a wonderful alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Through gentle … Continue reading

Newport Beach patients can address skin laxity with Exilis

Exilis is a treatment that can be received by Newport Beach residents at Arta Dermatology to address body contours and skin laxity. As patients age, they may begin to notice areas of the body in which the skin has become loose and relaxed. Especially in the face, this can result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, which are associated with aging. However, thanks to Exilis therapy, patients can now address these unwanted signs of aging with a non-invasive solution instead of going under the knife for plastic surgery. Radio-frequency energy can reach deep into the layers of the … Continue reading

Advanced techniques in Orange County CA get to roots of skin laxity

Skin laxity refers to sagging tissues. While some inherited connective tissue disorders are to blame, the roots of skin laxity in Orange County CA patients are many; these factors add up over time. No one is immune to the effects of skin laxity, but advanced technologies and techniques at Arta Dermatology in Newport Beach mean you don’t have to live with an appearance that doesn’t align with how you feel, or with skin that looks older than your years. Rooted in age-related changes Adults lose collagen at an estimated rate of around 1 percent each year. This structural protein is … Continue reading

Ways to correct skin laxity abound in Newport Beach

Lax or sagging skin has a genetic component. It is also a feature of aging. However, this does not mean you have to learn to live with saggy areas and folds. Furthermore, you can delay the onset of lax skin. The roots of skin laxity Youthful skin is taut and smooth. The outermost layer or epidermis contains sublayers that work together to rebuild the surface of the skin. As new cells in the lowest or basal cell layer divide, they push toward the surface layer, or stratum corneum. As outermost cells age and are shed they make way for new … Continue reading