Look younger with non-surgical skin laxity treatment in the Irvine, CA area

At Arta Dermatology in Newport Beach, we speak with men and women every day who would like to improve the way they feel about their appearance. One of the common complaints we address is aging, which affects everyone’s skin differently. Fine lines and wrinkles may concern some, while others struggle with a loss of laxity that leads to drooping. Addressing these and other concerns is something Dr. Arta does using Exilis treatments in our office near Irvine, CA.

In many situations where skin has lost its smooth, tight appearance, Exilis makes a wonderful alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Through gentle massage with a hand held applicator, Dr. Arta heats deep layers of tissue with monopolar radio frequency. Through this warming massage, the collagen network beneath the skin is reconstructed to provide greater support. While heat is delivered to deeper skin cells, surface skin remains cool thanks to a cooling feature in the Exilis hand piece. Like a hot stone massage, Exilis treatments can be very relaxing while effectively addressing concerning signs of aging.

Designed with different settings, Exilis is also capable of reducing unwanted fat in areas such as the jaw line, under the eyes, and various other parts of the body where better contours are desired. Many of our patients who receive Exilis for body contouring and skin tightening see some immediate improvement, though the full effect of treatment is seen over time. Sometimes, multiple treatments are ideal for dramatic improvement. When consulting with patients, Dr. Farshidi discusses recommendations based on concerns and the condition of skin.

Exilis is a wonderful non-invasive treatment that is completed in our comfortable office setting in about thirty minutes. After treatment, it is possible to resume regular activity right away. If Exilis is used for fat reduction, patients are encouraged to drink several glasses of water daily and exercise regularly to promote fat flush.

Men and women residing in Orange County can address signs of aging and enjoy improved laxity with Exilis treatments. To learn more about this innovative dermatologic treatment, contact Arta Dermatology and schedule a private consultation.


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