Newport Beach patients can address skin laxity with Exilis

Exilis is a treatment that can be received by Newport Beach residents at Arta Dermatology to address body contours and skin laxity. As patients age, they may begin to notice areas of the body in which the skin has become loose and relaxed. Especially in the face, this can result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, which are associated with aging. However, thanks to Exilis therapy, patients can now address these unwanted signs of aging with a non-invasive solution instead of going under the knife for plastic surgery. Radio-frequency energy can reach deep into the layers of the skin to regenerate collagen and firm the treated areas.

Exilis is an FDA-cleared device that can provide exceptional results. It does not require patients to subject themselves to incisions, needles, or general anesthesia. The treatment is completed in the dermatologist’s office in just about 30 minutes for areas such as the face. More time is needed if other areas of the body are being treated at the same time. Patients in the Newport Beach area have been discovering the many ways Exilis therapy can be used to address excess fat and skin laxity on the midsection, arms, neck, and face.

Dr. Arta Farshidi of Arta Dermatology is experienced in providing patients with Exilis therapy using a handheld device that delivers the radio-frequency energy. Patients can see drastic results in several months. Skin improves over time, and there are no immediate aftereffects of treatment. However, over several months, patients will begin to notice a more youthful appearance, less fine lines and wrinkles, and even better body contouring. This treatment tightens the skin and eliminates the need for extensive face-lift surgery to achieve similar results.

If you live in the Newport Beach area and you are considering the benefits of Exilis treatment, contact Dr. Farshidi of Arta Dermatology today to schedule your initial visit and consult with her team in regards to the ways Exilis can help you reduce skin laxity and contour areas of the body with this state-of-the-art treatment. You’ll be glad you took the time to learn about this amazing technology and discover how it can improve your appearance and self-confidence in just one treatment!


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