Lasers present precise, non-surgical treatment for skin, hair and nails in Newport Beach CA

Lasers are an important part of Arta Dermatology, and a particularly versatile way for the doctor to help discover your skin, discover a new you. Dr. Farshidi uses a variety of laser and light based devices to bridge the gap between over-the-counter creams that don’t work well, and invasive surgical procedures.

The dermatological team offers a wide range of laser therapies. You can find relief from the redness of rosacea and flushing, as well as treatment for conditions such as nail fungus or unwanted hair.

There are two broad categories of treatments that harness the power of light to resurface the skin:

  • Ablative lasers remove the skin’s top layers
  • Non-ablative devices stimulate collagen production in underlying tissues, while leaving the outermost skin intact

Fractional lasers are also designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissue by targeting a fraction of the skin in the treatment area at a time. You enjoy dramatic results, like those achieved with ablative approaches, only without the healing and downtime associated with more invasive techniques.

Intense Pulsed Light uses the same principles as laser therapy, only the light that is applied is delivered in high-intensity pulses to target discoloration such as brown patches and red spots. As the light is converted to heat, the problem spot is targeted. Results may not be as dramatic as some procedures that remove tissues, but you can return to work or other activities after a lunchtime appointment.

Depending on your needs, light-based devices may be customized to either fill in folds or plump up sunken areas by stimulating firming collagen proteins, or to treat tone and surface irregularities such as broken blood vessels and scars.

Since Dr. Farshidi is equipped to treat conditions affecting the hair and nails as well as concerns associated with the skin, lasers in Newport Beach offer a convenient, comfortable, and effective way to be rid of excess hair on the face and body, as well as to treat nail fungus. You don’t have to choose between time-consuming, costly, and uncomfortable shaving and waxing or painful permanent options like electrolysis to be rid of unwanted hair. Likewise, you can find real relief from the embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms of nail fungus and infection, without the empty promises or side effects associated with anti-fungal drugs and other products.

Bring your concerns and questions to Arta Dermatology by scheduling a consultation. Call (949) 531-7111 to find out if light-based or other therapies are best for your needs, and fit in well with your lifestyle and goals.


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