Irvine CA area specialist discusses common causes of skin problems requiring professional care, treatment

The Los Angeles metro gets anywhere from around 260 to more than 290 days of sun annually. It’s probably at least partly-sunny right now! This pleasant climate is one of many draws to the area, but even the sun has its dark side. Dermatologists see the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning every day. The good news is these unwanted effects are largely preventable with ongoing skin care. Photoaging No matter what the marketing behind the miracle creams say, you can’t really turn back the clock. Age-related changes such as decreased production of collagen and … Continue reading

Protecting precious, multifunctional skin comes down to care, treatment approaches

The skin is the largest organ of the body, weighing in at 9 pounds and spanning 21 square feet on the average adult. The skin protects the rest of the body from disease-causing bacteria and from the everyday stresses you may encounter in the environment. This protective shell also regulates body temperature, helps your brain respond appropriately to hot or cold, and permits the sense of touch. With so many functions critical to the health of the rest of the body’s organs and tissues, it is important to keep skin healthy. Partnering with Arta Dermatology can be the first step … Continue reading