Get the most efficient skin care from your dermatologist in Newport Beach

We are each so familiar with our own skin that the detection of potential problems can be a challenge. Minor conditions like rashes, spots, or bumps may seem as though they need no treatment. Other common problems, such as acne, may seem to persist even when you have “tried everything.” Often, we forget that our dermatologist has solutions to what irritates our skin. Knowing when to seek specific skin care from your Newport Beach dermatologist will help you preserve your healthiest, most attractive skin.


We tend to think of acne as a “teen” problem. Often, over-the-counter remedies may prove fruitful, at least for a short while. Acne may not always respond to such treatments. In fact, some may cause symptoms to worsen. Dr. Farshidi provides excellent, gentle dermatological care for acne sufferers so that they may regain confidence and comfort. Schedule an appointment in our office if:

  • Breakouts persist or are severe
  • Skin becomes irritated and broken out frequently
  • Over-the-counter medication further irritates the skin or produces little clearing within a few weeks


The dry, itchy patches of eczema that develop on the skin can be quite troublesome. This condition is more than minor dermatitis, caused by an internal problem triggered by certain instigators. Eczema requires medical care to avoid and manage flare-ups.


Called atopic dermatitis, a rash may develop for a variety of reasons. Often, a rash is temporary and it will clear on its own. However, treatment may be necessary if a rash:

  • Causes discomfort
  • Persists
  • Clears and then returns
  • Spreads to surrounding skin
  • Develops with blisters
  • Develops near the eyes, nose, or mouth

Suspicious moles

We tend to think of most marks on the skin as moles. Moles are actually something we are born with. Any new moles that develop throughout life are the result of UV exposure. This is why dermatologists encourage patients to become familiar with their own skin. Moles should be checked at home on a monthly basis and by the dermatologist every year. Any signs of skin cancer warrant a trip to our Newport Beach office for further evaluation. These signs include:

  • Moles larger than a pencil eraser
  • Irregularity in color within one mole
  • Irregularity in the border or edges of a mole
  • Irregularity in symmetry, mole should look the same on each side
  • Bleeding or discharge
  • Changes to any mole’s size, shape, or color

A visit with your dermatologist is not only beneficial in times of trouble. Dr. Arta Farshidi can help you keep your skin in its healthiest state with preventive, proactive care. Contact our office for your appointment.


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