The positive effect of Sculptra filler treatment in Newport Beach

We may think the hands of time simply pull skin into a state of laxity, or sagginess. Aging is only one of the factors that can cause changes in the skin. We may also be affected by stress, nutrition, and UV exposure, all of which can lead to premature aging. Loose skin is in part the result of a decrease in collagen, a protein that facilitates tightness, resilience, and elasticity in the skin. The common thought has been that substances lost in the skin can never be replaced. Advances in the field of cosmetic dermatology, however, have provided new hope … Continue reading

Is it possible to achieve subtle rejuvenation with a dermatologist near me in Orange County?

Anti-aging treatments have improved a great deal in recent decades. No longer must we choose between an aged appearance and cosmetic surgery. The surgical tightening of loose skin may produce an almost-immediate change, but it also comes with risk. Typically, we will consider the inherent risk of surgery. Cutting away loose skin, however, also carries the risk of altering the natural look of the face. Loose skin is the result of a number of changes in the body. When only the symptom is addressed, such as through surgical lifting procedures, the overall result may be somewhat lacking. To correct the … Continue reading

Sculptra is a long-lasting wrinkle treatment for people in Irvine

You don’t have to tolerate the lines and wrinkles that age you, nor do you have to explore invasive surgical procedures to regain that youthful appearance. Arta Dermatology offers a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery procedures to get the results you desire: Sculptra. What makes Sculptra special? Sculptra is a dermal filler. There are many different types of fillers on the market. Some of the most common fillers, such as Juvéderm, are made from hyaluronic acid. These solutions are injected precisely into treatment areas via thin needles. They are designed to plump up sunken spots. This plumping also has a … Continue reading

Irvine patients embrace gradual results of anti-aging treatment for lasting wrinkle reduction: Sculptra

Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra produces natural, lasting results gradually. In fact, Sculptra’s maker, Galderma Laboratories, report 75 percent of women surveyed wanted gradual results that last 2 or more years. The balance of women surveyed (25 percent) preferred immediate results that last just one year. On average, 3 injection sessions scheduled over a span of a few months resulted in dramatic improvements that can last at least 24 months. Sculptra is considered an “anti-aging” treatment, because it improves the appearance of common signs of aging. These signs include: Expression lines Deep folds Shallow areas Many of these age-related concerns … Continue reading

Sculptra differentiates from other fillers injected at Newport Beach, CA with collagen stimulation, lasting effects

You can restore youthful facial features; such as round cheeks and firm and smooth skin. In fact, an entire category of treatments is designed to replenish the substances that give skin characteristics associated with young faces: dermal fillers. Many popular dermal fillers restore hyaluronic acid (HA). Your body makes this natural moisturizer and lubricant, but as you get older the production of HA declines, as does the production of collagen and elastin. These firming and elastic proteins help to support the features and structures of your face; helping your skin bounce back after it is pinched or stretched. Many fillers … Continue reading

Irvince CA residents can eliminate wrinkles for two years, or longer, with a Sculptra procedure

Patients achieve a more youthful appearance with fillers, as these substances are injected into the face to plump up depressed areas and smooth wrinkles and folds. Some fillers are designed to promote longer-lasting changes underneath the skin. Sculptra Aesthetic is designed to stimulate the production of collagen. Your body makes less of this firming substance over time. Since Sculptra stimulates a process, results from treatment last at least twice as long as results from many other popular hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers on the market. Thanks to this process, changes occur gradually. You get the most natural looking result from treatment. … Continue reading

Sculptra: A long-lasting solution to collagen loss in Irvine, CA

Collagen stimulators represent one of the most powerful ways the Arta Dermatology team can restore your youthful appearance. The power of collagen Collagen is a fibrous protein in the deeper, inner layer of your skin. It provides structure and supports beneficial elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA). Elastin helps your skin retain its shape and resume its contours after movement, while HA cushions and lubricates the skin so it appears supple and hydrated. When collagen is abundant, more elastin and HA can be sustained. Unfortunately, age-related changes occur earlier than you might think. The makers of Sculptra Aesthetic, Galderma Laboratories, report … Continue reading