Sculptra differentiates from other fillers injected at Newport Beach, CA with collagen stimulation, lasting effects

You can restore youthful facial features; such as round cheeks and firm and smooth skin. In fact, an entire category of treatments is designed to replenish the substances that give skin characteristics associated with young faces: dermal fillers. Many popular dermal fillers restore hyaluronic acid (HA). Your body makes this natural moisturizer and lubricant, but as you get older the production of HA declines, as does the production of collagen and elastin.

These firming and elastic proteins help to support the features and structures of your face; helping your skin bounce back after it is pinched or stretched. Many fillers are made from HA and, when bonded with water, produce a gel-like substance that can be injected into shallow or creased areas for plumping and smoothing effect. Sculptra is different. This dermal filler is made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). It has been used as a facial injectable since 1999. These types of microparticles have also been safely used in a number of other medical applications ranging from dissolvable stitches and plates to pins and screws.

Like HA, PLLA is biocompatible; meaning it does not harm existing tissues. Unlike some traditional fillers, Sculptra is a “collagen stimulator.” Sculptra can be injected into deep smile lines between the nose and mouth, marionette lines framing the mouth, and chin wrinkles. This formulation’s effect is immediately noticeable as your face is more voluminous, less wrinkled in appearance. Notably, the optimal effects occur gradually as Sculptra replenishes lost collagen. Galderma Laboratories, the maker of Sculptra Aesthetic, reports the treatment is designed to deliver unique effects over the course of a few months and often within 3 treatment sessions. The results of this gradual process of collagen replacement often last for 2 or more years after your last treatment. This is twice as long as the average results achieved with traditional fillers.

Generally, side effects are typical of other injectable fillers. You may notice redness, bruising, and bleeding at the area where Dr. Farshidi injected Sculptra. Sometimes the site will itch or feel tender, and small bumps when pressing on the skin have been reported. Dr. Farshidi will discuss more about what to expect before, during, and after Sculptra treatment at the Newport Beach, CA office of Arta Dermatology. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule an appointment.


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