Addressing myths about treatments for problematic veins – what you should know about Sclerotherapy in Newport Beach

The veins and vessels that carry blood throughout the body are, fortunately, located deep enough beneath the skin that they are not typically visible. There are instances, in which vessels may become enlarged or dysfunctional, making them appear darker or swollen. Spider veins and varicose veins are problems that can cause embarrassment. Visible veins on the face due to broken capillaries may be treated with light therapy, but leg veins are typically treated with sclerotherapy. When considering treatments for problematic veins, you may perceive sclerotherapy to be something it’s not. Your Newport Beach dermatologist, Dr. Arta Farshidi, addresses the myths … Continue reading

Eliminate symptoms of problematic veins with sclerotherapy in Newport Beach

The human body has miles of veins and vessels to carry blood. These passageways are typically not highly visible. In some instances, however, proper function in veins becomes impaired, causing them to swell or darken. Dysfunctional veins near the surface of the skin become more visible, with some even bulging or producing uncomfortable symptoms. If spider veins or varicose veins are a problem, sclerotherapy from your Newport Beach dermatologist may be the ideal solution to get you back to a state of confidence. How sclerotherapy is performed Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure performed in our office setting. There … Continue reading

Find safe, effective vein treatment in the Irvine area

Spider veins on the legs, face, and other areas can be very distressing, especially for those living in beautifully warm coastal areas. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to spider veins in the office of your experienced dermatologist. Dr. Arta Farshidi has completed advanced training and offers gentle, non-surgical vein treatment to patients from Irvine, Laguna Hills, and other Orange County communities. What are spider veins? The tiny vessels that appear just beneath the skin are called telangiectasia. We call them spider veins because they appear in a web-like pattern with hues of purple, blue, and red. Beyond their … Continue reading

Maximize the results of treatment for spider veins in Newport Beach with simple steps

Spider veins are literally very small. Visible on the legs and sometimes on the face, these very small vessels can be a very big problem. Embarrassing purple, red, or blue veins can be difficult to hide with makeup alone. When present on the legs, these veins can be the driving force behind clothing choices. In beautiful Southern California, no one really wants to be covered up throughout the year. With precise treatment for spider veins delivered by your experienced Newport Beach dermatologist, it is possible to regain confidence in your appearance. The standard treatment for spider veins has not changed … Continue reading

Make the most of spider vein therapy in Newport Beach with healthy habits

Spider veins are a cosmetic problem that many women experience. More than anything, these clusters of tiny blue, purple, and red veins are emotionally distressing. Dr. Arta Farshidi understands the impact of unhealthy skin conditions and she is happy to offer patients outstanding treatment and tips to keep spider veins at bay. Topical treatment for spider veins Some people try fading spider veins with topical solutions such as vitamin K cream or lotion. This approach may be effective in some cases but should be taken with caution. Individuals on blood thinning medications, in particular, should consult with their physician before … Continue reading

Sclerotherapy treatment relieves discomfort, improves appearance of spider veins for Newport Beach patients

It’s estimated 50 to 55 percent and 40 to 45 percent of American women and men respectively are living with a vein-related problem. The government reports half of Americans aged 50 and older have varicose veins. You don’t have to live with the embarrassment and even pain associated with these conditions, thanks to sclerotherapy. The problem The heart sends oxygen and nutrient filled blood to the body by way of arteries. The veins send the blood back to the heart. Muscles in your legs squeeze the blood back to the heart. The veins are equipped with valves that keep the … Continue reading

Sclerotherapy a go-to safe, effective procedure for the treatment of Irvine patients’ spider veins

While its roots date back centuries, sclerotherapy remains the gold standard for the treatment of spider veins. The name, “sclerotherapy” refers to the sclerosing agent used to treat your unsightly and uncomfortable spiderweb-like lines on your legs. “Sclerosing” means the solution causes a portion of the body to harden. In this case, the sclerosing solution sets off a chain reaction whereby the lining of the treated blood vessel swells up, sticks together and the blood clots. Eventually, as the treated vessel turns into scar tissue, the spider veins will fade. Sclerotherapy can be completed over your lunch hour. Dr. Arta … Continue reading

Orange County dermatologist explains ease, effectiveness of sclerotherapy treatment for visible veins

Like a lot of conditions that may lead you to seek dermatological treatment, varicose veins and spider veins are plagued by lots of misconceptions. Contrary to what you may have heard, these networks of visible blue, red, and purple veins are not caused by crossing your legs. They are only very rarely associated with an old injury, and while being on your feet for lengthy periods can worsen the veins, it is not the cause for those genetically predisposed to developing this unsightly and sometimes painful condition. Speaking of discomfort, varicose veins don’t need treatment only when your legs feel … Continue reading