Orange County dermatologist explains ease, effectiveness of sclerotherapy treatment for visible veins

Like a lot of conditions that may lead you to seek dermatological treatment, varicose veins and spider veins are plagued by lots of misconceptions. Contrary to what you may have heard, these networks of visible blue, red, and purple veins are not caused by crossing your legs. They are only very rarely associated with an old injury, and while being on your feet for lengthy periods can worsen the veins, it is not the cause for those genetically predisposed to developing this unsightly and sometimes painful condition.

Speaking of discomfort, varicose veins don’t need treatment only when your legs feel sore or when other trouble signs arise, such as hardening, color changes, burning, and cramping. You can develop blood clots, ulcers, and other serious complications without experiencing any pain beforehand.

Don’t wait until you experience troubling changes to see Dr. Arta Farshidi and her team for treatment. There is no reason to delay giving your legs the attention they deserve. Unlike older solutions and surgical procedures to treat problematic veins, modern sclerotherapy offers a comfortable, safe, and effective approach for large spider and varicose veins.

The procedure, explained

After examining your legs to assure there are no clots or other complications, Dr. Farshidi may administer local anesthetic for added comfort. The area to be treated will be cleansed. With your legs elevated, the doctor uses a fine needle to inject the sclerosing agent into the appropriate veins.

This injectable solution causes the vein’s lining to swell. Visible veins are caused by malfunctioning valves, which allow blood to leak back into the veins. Sclerotherapy closes off those veins and, over time, the vein becomes scar tissue and disappears.

Veins can be treated in a few minutes. Discomfort is usually limited to a stinging sensation and mild cramping at the time of injection. The number and size of the veins to be treated dictates the number of injections Dr. Farshidi will perform.

Following treatment, it may be recommended that you:

  • Walk around immediately to get blood flowing
  • Wear compression stockings and bandages
  • Avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks
  • Avoid unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light

These recommendations minimize the risk of post-procedure complications such as blood pooling back into the injected vein, clotting, and darkening of skin in the treatment area. With this short list of considerations in mind, get ready to enjoy the results in three weeks to four months, depending on the size of the treated veins. A re-treatment session may be scheduled, but once the vein is successfully faded you will never see it again. You can still develop spider or varicose veins in other areas, so it’s important to keep your risks low by maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Aside from sclerotherapy treatment, the Orange County professionals at Arta Dermatology may suggest laser therapy for other types of visible blood vessels, such as broken capillaries on the face. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule an appointment at the Newport Beach office.


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