Radiesse a true “lunch hour” wrinkle treatment that lasts for Orange County, CA patients

With Radiesse treatment in the experienced, qualified hands of your Orange County, CA dermatology specialists, Arta Dermatology, you can regain youthful contours and fullness over your lunch hour. This long-lasting treatment does not require invasive surgery nor does it require the allergy testing associated with other dermal fillers injected into sunken or creased trouble areas.

Radiesse is made from small calcium beads; similar to minerals naturally present in your body. This feature eliminates concerns over this filler’s potential toxicity; an important consideration, and limited the application of fillers made from synthetic or animal-based sources.

Step 1: Are you a candidate?

Dr. Arta Farshidi will determine your suitability for Radiesse treatment during a consultation at the Newport Beach office. If you have moderate to severe wrinkling around the nose and mouth, at the corners of the mouth, on either side of the chin or on the chin, Radiesse’s wrinkle-softening powers could be in your future.

Step 2: Day of treatment

Radiesse is FDA-approved to be mixed with lidocaine for added comfort. The calcium-based microspheres are suspended in a gel. Dr. Farshidi will inject this gel-like mixture under the skin into the respective treatment areas by using a fine needle. The procedure can be completed in about an hour.

Step 3: Post-treatment

You will see an immediate improvement in the look of your moderate to severe wrinkling. You may also experience side effects commonly associated with injectable treatments; such as irritation, redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site.

While results are noticeable right away, the real magic occurs in the months following treatment. This uniquely-formulated filler helps to reverse declining levels of collagen. Your body makes this firming protein naturally, but as you get older collagen is in shorter supply. Radiesse stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. Many patients will enjoy the results of treatment for at least a year.

The gel itself does not have the risk of some permanent fillers because your body safely absorbs it and metabolizes the microspheres. You’re left with fresh collagen thanks to Radiesse’s ability to replenish this plumping and smoothing substance.

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