Radiesse is a safe, long lasting, and effective treatment for wrinkles and volume loss in Newport Beach

Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm are considered safe because they are made from biocompatible materials. As with hyaluronic acid, the calcium hydroxylapatite used to make Radiesse is found naturally in the body, such as the minerals of the teeth and bone. These types of naturally occurring materials are not harmful to other systems of the body.

This natural mineral is also used to make man-made microspheres, which form a scaffold for new, fresher, and smoother skin to form. This feature means the effects of Radiesse can last longer than the effects of many other popular fillers made with other substances such as HA due to the fundamental changes prompted by these microspheres.

These two features, the safety of a biocompatible material and the effectiveness built in to the design make Radiesse both a low-risk treatment as well as a treatment that can result in dramatic and long-lasting outcomes. Immediate results are achieved as soon as this filler is injected into areas that include:

  • Smile lines along the nose and mouth
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Hands

While some treatments such as Botox are designed to eliminate lines and wrinkles, Radiesse’s unique and powerful design makes it equally effective as both a wrinkle-reducer and a volumizer for areas that may sag over time such as the cheeks and jaws.

Furthermore, the long-lasting effects achieved by this unique design can last for up to a year or more as Radiesse stimulates the production of the collagen protein that gives skin its firmness naturally. Side effects are typically limited to red or pink areas at the injection site, as well as possible bruising and swelling that subsides within a couple of days. Any discomfort during the injection process may be relieved with anesthetic, so you have the best experience possible during treatment.

To find out more about Radiesse as a safe and effective treatment option in Newport Beach, schedule a consultation with Dr. Arta Farshidi. Dr. Farshidi may also discuss alternatives or treatments that may be combined with Radiesse to get the results you desire.


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