Newport Beach, CA patients opt for Radiesse, a safe and effective way to restore volume in a single visit

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth and, in the skilled hands of Dr. Farshidi, this mineral may be used to safely and effectively promote the production of another beneficial substance – collagen.

Introducing Radiesse

Radiesse is an injectable treatment designed to restore volume to the hands and face. You may experience volume loss as your body begins to produce less firming collagen on its own. Radiesse is made up of beads of calcium, which are similar to minerals present in your body. Suspended in a gel, these calcium microspheres may be precisely injected by Dr. Farshidi to stimulate the production of collagen in sunken or hollow areas.

Radiesse: Safety

Since the calcium in Radiesse is so similar to naturally-occurring minerals, this type of filler is biocompatible and does not pose a risk to living tissues. Unlike other types of fillers, allergies are not a concern and related testing isn’t required.

The FDA approved the application of Radiesse and lidocaine, an anesthetic that reduces injection discomfort by 90 percent, for a relatively comfortable experience.

The most common side effects include bruises, swelling, tenderness, itching, and redness. These effects are limited to the treatment site and usually disappear within a few days of treatment. Nodules and other surface irregularities can be relieved with daily massaging of the affected area.

Unlike more invasive procedures, you can get right back to work and other activities without downtime.

After Radiesse safely restores collagen, your body absorbs the gel naturally. The calcium beads are metabolized, leaving behind only new collagen.

Radiesse: Effectiveness

This treatment immediately adds noticeable volume under the skin. It can be used effectively on smile and marionette lines, and lines at the corners of the mouth, or on and around the chin.

Radiesse is also an effective treatment for the back of the hands, which can reveal your age even when facial skin looks smooth and refreshed. Because Radiesse is a collagen stimulator, benefits continue over time. Results have been clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients.

Citing clinical studies, Merz Aesthetics reports patients were more satisfied with Radiesse than results obtained from other leading fillers. Thirty percent less filler was reportedly required with Radiesse than with a leading hyaluronic acid filler.

Unlike other collagen stimulators on the market, you can achieve optimal results in a single treatment session. Experience Radiesse, a safe and effective way to get immediate and sustained improvement, in Newport Beach, CA. Schedule an appointment at Arta Dermatology by calling (949) 531-7111.


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