Restore youthful appearance courtesy of ViPeels procedure in Orange County, CA

Some traditional chemical peels are associated with pain, discoloration, and downtime as the skin heals. ViPeels can achieve the results you are looking for in a chemical peel, without these and other unwanted side effects. The ViPeels procedure is a new-generation approach to a longtime method of rejuvenating the appearance of the skin by removing old, damaged skin cells.

The ViPeel approach

ViPeel is a solution spread across the affected area, be it on the face, neck, hands, or chest. This chemical solution reacts with the skin to cause “controlled damage.” That prompts a process whereby older skin cells are sloughed off to make way for fresh, rejuvenated, new cells. This procedure also helps to stimulate beneficial collagen proteins that aid in skin healing.

One of the benefits of the ViPeel is that it contains an anesthetic, which reduces the stinging sensation at the time of treatment. This quality helps make your experience at Arta Dermatology as comfortable as possible.

Another advantage of the ViPeel is that it may be used on many different complexions and skin types, without the risks of pigmentation-related complications caused by conventional chemical peels. The ViPeel is a safe way to dramatically improve everything from teenage acne, to age-related lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

The Procedure of ViPeels in Orange County, CA

As skin begins to peel, you may see an improvement in your complexion in as little as a week. You should refrain from activities that can irritate your skin in the hours immediately following the procedure. These activities include strenuous exercise, or overheating in a sauna, which can interfere with the effectiveness of the peeling process.

Dr. Farshidi can also advise on products to use or avoid in the days following the peel. ViPeels are part of the VI Derm skincare family. A customized regimen can be created to help enhance and extend the beautiful results achieved with this contemporary approach.

It is safe to schedule a ViPeel about every four to six weeks, as directed by Dr. Farshidi. A single session may be adequate, or your personalized series of peels may be different than treatment recommended to another patient with diverse concerns and skin tone or type.

What is the treatment plan that will reveal your more youthful and lovely complexion? Find out by contacting Arta Dermatology. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule a consultation.


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