Dermatology treatments in Newport Beach effectively, safely plump sunken areas, smooth wrinkles

Does it feel like you’ve exhausted all the so-called “miracle creams” in the drug and department stores? Were the results “less-than-miraculous,” with little to no difference in the look of your lines, wrinkles, and furrows? You’ve come to the right place to finally get results.

Dr. Arta Farshidi offers a number of proven and safe treatments to get you looking and feeling your best, including dermal fillers.

There are countless wrinkle-reducing creams out there and, likewise, there are hundreds of dermal fillers on the market. As an experienced, Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Farshidi has cut through the dizzying array of fillers marketed to plump skin. She offers effective solutions with minimal risks of complications and side effects.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are popular for good reason. For starters, fillers made from HA are not toxic. HA is “biocompatible,” because it naturally occurs in the body. It is used to lubricate our joints. This “moisture-loving” substance is also found in high concentrations in the eyes. Unlike some fillers you are not injecting foreign or animal materials into your body. Think of this injection as merely replenishing the natural, beneficial substance that decreases with time as part of the aging process.

These safe yet effective fillers may be used to:

  • Smooth mouth, nose wrinkles
  • Add volume to sunken cheeks, mid-face
  • Define lips

Dermal fillers are characterized as medical devices. The administration of these fillers should not be taken lightly. The results and, accordingly, the healing process and side effects depend on the type of the filler used and the skill of the doctor.

You are in good hands with Dr. Farshidi as she can determine the best, safe filler for your specific concerns. She is also trained and experienced to administer these fillers in a way that reduces the likelihood of rare yet dangerous side effects, such as the migration of the filler to other parts of the face outside of the treatment area.

You can find out more about the specific options available for treatment, as well as the number of sessions that may be required to treat your concerns by scheduling a consultation. Dr. Farshidi can also discuss how long you should expect to see results following treatment. Bring your questions to her when you book an appointment at our Newport Beach dermatology office by first calling (949) 531-7111.


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