Next-generation laser treatment at Orange County, CA office is low-risk and highly effective

Dermatological lasers have evolved over time, so patients of various skin types and complexions can now be treated safely. Advanced laser therapies are more comfortable, and in the hands of a Board-certified dermatologist, carry minimal risk of side effects. As versatile as these technologies may be, a dermatologist must be willing to invest in a range of lasers and associated training to address a variety of common skin concerns. Dr. Arta Farshidi offers safe, effective laser treatment at her Orange County, CA practice.

Name a cosmetic concern, and Dr. Farshidi probably has a laser- or light-based therapy designed to treat it. She can restore youthful facial contours, provide smooth, virtually hair-free legs, and treat stubborn nail fungus with the power of light. These treatments include:

  • Intense pulsed light therapy
  • Lasers hair removal
  • Fractional lasers for the face, neck, chest, and hands

Also known as a PhotoFacial, IPL delivers many different wavelengths or colors in each high intensity pulse of light, whereas lasers utilize a single wavelength. Both IPL and laser systems apply light energy that is absorbed by targeted cells of skin or hair. This controlled “damage” results in beneficial changes. For instance, red or brown pigment may be targeted by IPL to break up areas of discoloration such as visible blood vessels, freckles, or liver spots.

Dr. Farshidi matches a laser to your specific skin type, complexion, hair thickness, and hair color to target follicles at the root of unwanted hair. Treated hair in the active growth cycle falls out. Laser hair removal is considered a permanent way to get smoother face, arms, back, chest, legs, or bikini line.

Fractional lasers are used to dramatically improve the appearance of skin without the risks of ablative laser technologies. The beauty of the fractional laser resides in its design. It delivers a laser beam that is divided into thousands of microscopic or fractionated treatment zones. By treating a fraction of skin with each pass, the laser can safely work on both the surface skin cells of the epidermis and the deeper layers of skin; those cells in the dermis.

Dr. Farshidi provides exciting newer laser treatment options, such as therapy for fungal infections of the nails, at her Orange County, CA practice. New-generation lasers provide an alternative to oral antifungal therapies with numerous side effects, or to ineffective topical products.

A thread that binds this category of dermatological procedures is the ability to precisely treat an array of conditions, without damaging surrounding tissues. In this way, the doctor can reveal new skin — and a new you — without the risks of conventional techniques or older light-based therapies. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule an appointment in Newport Beach.


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