Non-invasive facial rejuvenation for Newport Beach, CA residents with Photofacial treatments

As you get older, so does your skin, and with that comes visible signs of aging. Years spent out in the sun, acne scarring, and even simply “gravity taking its toll” can leave you looking much older than you are. IPL Photofacial from Arta Dermatology is a facial rejuvenation treatment effective at clearing up issues with pigmentation, skin tone, and texture. It is a non-invasive and non-ablating solution to leave patients with more vibrant and radiant skin. IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation is effective in the treatment of: Skin sagging Age or liver spots Rosacea Birthmarks Acne scarring Sun Damage Actinic Keratoses … Continue reading

Maximize the laser hair removal experience with these tips from your Newport Beach dermatologist

The task of removing unwanted hair has always been ongoing. Both men and women have new hope for the permanent reduction of hair in the development of laser technology for this very purpose. Laser hair removal can give you the smooth, silky skin you desire. With just a few simple steps, the effects of laser hair removal in our Newport Beach dermatology practice can be maximized. Various types of lasers are used by different practitioners. Dr. Arta Farshidi has carefully chosen the equipment with which she treats her patients. However, every patient responds differently to hair removal, just as we … Continue reading

Find out if Newport Beach laser hair removal services are right for you

Plucking, tweezing, shaving, and waxing are just a few of the ways in which we regularly groom ourselves of unwanted hair. While each method may be somewhat effective, the fact is that none of them can reduce hair permanently. Another unfortunate fact is that most of our temporary hair removal methods are also uncomfortable. Many of Dr. Farshidi’s Newport Beach patients have addressed unwanted hair with laser hair removal services, and you can, too. How laser hair removal works Various substances readily absorb certain wavelengths of light. Pigment (coloring) is one of them. As light energy is absorbed by pigment, … Continue reading

Optimal treatment with minimal side effects achieved with IPL therapy at Orange County practice

It may seem ironic that light can be used to treat the damage caused by sunlight or, more specifically, caused by ultraviolet radiation from natural or man-made sources such as tanning beds. Lasers harness specific wavelengths of light energy to target pigmented skin cells precisely. While laser therapy is among the safest, most effective, and versatile treatments, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy favorably distinguishes itself in the world of powerful, light-based approaches. Why IPL treatment is different Laser devices deliver light energy. As each pulse of light is applied to a targeted treatment area, the energy is converted to heat. This … Continue reading

Laser therapy opens up world of treatment options for Newport Beach CA patients

Lasers are a well-established treatment for a range of medical and dermatological conditions. Dr. Arta Farshidi offers a range of laser therapy treatment options in Newport Beach, CA to transform how patients look on the outside and feel on the inside. Dr. Farshidi appreciates that laser therapy, when used singularly or in combination with other treatments, can help you “Discover your new skin; discover a new you.” What options are available for me at Arta Dermatology? Regardless of the skin concern or condition, Dr. Farshidi and her team of specialists offers a laser- or light-based solution to resolve it. Gone … Continue reading

Lasers present precise, non-surgical treatment for skin, hair and nails in Newport Beach CA

Lasers are an important part of Arta Dermatology, and a particularly versatile way for the doctor to help discover your skin, discover a new you. Dr. Farshidi uses a variety of laser and light based devices to bridge the gap between over-the-counter creams that don’t work well, and invasive surgical procedures. The dermatological team offers a wide range of laser therapies. You can find relief from the redness of rosacea and flushing, as well as treatment for conditions such as nail fungus or unwanted hair. There are two broad categories of treatments that harness the power of light to resurface … Continue reading

Next-generation laser treatment at Orange County, CA office is low-risk and highly effective

Dermatological lasers have evolved over time, so patients of various skin types and complexions can now be treated safely. Advanced laser therapies are more comfortable, and in the hands of a Board-certified dermatologist, carry minimal risk of side effects. As versatile as these technologies may be, a dermatologist must be willing to invest in a range of lasers and associated training to address a variety of common skin concerns. Dr. Arta Farshidi offers safe, effective laser treatment at her Orange County, CA practice. Name a cosmetic concern, and Dr. Farshidi probably has a laser- or light-based therapy designed to treat … Continue reading