Newport Beach dermatologist offers Irvine area residents effective skin cancer treatments

Skin cancer comes in various forms, all of which are concerning. Dr. Arta Farshidi is a Newport Beach dermatologist focused on helping patients recognize suspicious growths early. In our office, patients from all over Orange County, including the Irvine area, receive professional skin cancer screening and treatments. The type of treatment recommended for skin cancer is based on factors such as:

  • The type of skin cancer
  • The location of skin cancer on the body
  • The aggressiveness of skin cancer
  • The stage of cancer diagnosed
  • The patient’s general health

Following a comprehensive consultation and examination, Dr. Farshidi may recommend one of a variety of skin cancer therapies. Most often, people consider surgery the only option for removing skin cancer lesions. Though surgery is a common procedure, there are times when non-surgical treatments may be used.

Non-surgical skin cancer treatments may be effective on skin cancers caught very early. One or more of these alternatives may also be used as an adjunct to surgical removal if skin cancer has progressed. Non-surgical skin cancer treatments include:

  • Cryosurgery. Although the term “surgery” is included within this procedure, cryosurgery is actually the freezing of a cancerous growth with liquid nitrogen.
  • Immunotherapy capitalizes on the body’s own capacity to heal. This treatment option involves the application of a prescription medication to affected skin, which aids the body’s immune response to cancer cells.
  • Topical chemotherapy is a prescribed medication applied to skin cancer lesions. The medication destroys abnormal cells.
  • Photodynamic therapy is light treatments provided in the dermatologist’s office. To begin photodynamic therapy, affected areas of skin are coated with a specific medication. This preparation remains on the skin for a few hours, after which a special light is applied. This combination destroys cancerous cells.

Dr. Arta Farshidi recognizes the importance of individualized care when a skin cancer diagnosis has been made. Patients of Arta Dermatology can count on a high level of expertise, backed by years of education and training, when facing the removal of skin cancer. We offer both non-surgical and surgical skin cancer treatments to patients from Newport Beach and other areas of Orange County.

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