Precision in injectable fillers in Newport Beach leads to natural results

Anti-aging treatments have grown in popularity in recent years and Botox remains one of the most successful, sought-after treatments to date. The administration of safe and effective purified botulinum toxin has been proven successful in a number of medical applications, with roots in the treatment of neuromuscular symptoms. Approved more than ten years ago by the FDA, Botox has maintained an excellent safety record. Still, there are those who wonder if Botox carries the risk of “freezing” their face, making emotional expression difficult.

The effectiveness of Botox to smooth out wrinkles lies in the ability of this solution to relax certain muscles in the face. Blocking signals between the brain and the muscles, Botox minimizes the overall contraction of these tissues. The effect that Botox has on muscles makes it ideal for the treatment of frown lines, as well as horizontal lines on the forehead. A predictable outcome lies not only in the effect on muscles, but on the skill with which Botox is administered.

Through the precise application of Botox solution into a muscle, this area becomes relaxed, but not so much that natural movement becomes impossible. Dr. Farshidi, with her extensive background, understands that too much solution leads to diminished facial expressions. Injecting into the exact location of the muscle is also important, so that an already-soft muscle is not treated. Unsatisfactory results from Botox treatment may only last a few months, but this is far too long, when the face is so visible. A better alternative to hoping for natural results is to work with a skilled and experienced cosmetic dermatologist.

Dr. Arta Farshidi offers treatment with injectable fillers and Botox to men and women from Newport Beach and surrounding areas. She is known for the exceptional results she is able to accomplish. Treatment in our practice begins with a comprehensive consultation during which
Dr. Farshidi devises a customized plan that will reduce the signs of aging. Our patients benefit from a high standard of care, provided in a comfortable, soothing environment.

You deserve to feel great about the look of your skin. By working with your skilled dermatologist, you can feel confident that anti-aging treatments will produce the results you desire. Contact us today for your consultation.


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