Orange County patients don’t have to experience “pain” to see a dramatic “gain” with fractional laser treatment

Lasers are the workhorses of the medical world. There are many different types of lasers and light-based therapies that, in the capable hands of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Arta Farshidi, provide a powerful antidote for virtually any skin condition imaginable.

Fractional lasers deliver effective and dramatic results without the side effects of traditional wounding or ablative lasers. Traditionally, ablative lasers removed thin layers of outermost tissues while heating underlying skin to stimulate collagen fibers and skin tightening.

While the ablative approach can produce long-lasting improvements in the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles, spots and scarring, this type of laser treatment also produces prolonged redness, swelling, and risks of infection, scarring and permanent discoloration.

The nonablative approach also stimulates the production of natural collagen. Your body makes less of this firming protein as you get older. Unlike the ablative laser, this option does not involve the removal of outermost layers of skin. While the results of nonablative laser treatment are generally gradual rather than immediate and dramatic, the risks as compared to ablative treatments are minimal and typically limited to mild redness and swelling that only lasts for a few days.

Fractional lasers are different from either traditional ablative or nonablative laser technologies. The laser beam applied to the treatment area is divvied up into 1,000s of microscopic columns. As these columns are 10 times smaller around than a hair follicle, skin is treated in very tiny amounts — a fraction at a time. In turn, this approach allows for the dramatic, effective treatment historically associated with ablative lasers, while balancing the gentle, safe experience associated with nonablative techniques.

Since surrounding healthy tissue outside of the treatment area remains untouched, downtime and recovery is minimized. Additionally, since treatment can produce dramatic results quickly, you may see desired improvements in wrinkles, age and sun spots, melasma, acne and scarring in just 1 to 2 sessions. This efficient yet safe technique makes fractional laser resurfacing a cost-effective treatment for many patients.

As with other “families” of treatments, fractional lasers are not just one type of treatment for every patient. For example, some fractional lasers are designed for prevention of visible signs of aging and sun damage. Other fractional lasers are best equipped to treat moderate to severe photoaging.

Arta Dermatology is proud to offer many laser- and light-based therapies. To discover which approach is best for you, your skin type and condition, and goals, call (949) 531-7111 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farshidi.


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