Fractional system an attractive alternative to surgical, older laser treatments at Newport Beach, CA office

The fractional laser represents just one of many light-based therapies offered at Arta Dermatology to help you as a patient in Newport Beach, CA discover your new skin; discover a new you. However, the fractional laser distinguishes itself as a collagen stimulator. Fractional technology produces dramatic results by effecting positive changes to underlying aging skin without the unwanted side effects, risks of complications, and downtime of earlier-generation lasers and invasive surgical procedures.

Lasers: Your skin’s ally

Laser technology has been used to treat skin conditions for decades. The idea is to focus high levels of laser light energy on small, targeted spots to destroy cells in a treatment area while leaving the surrounding, non-targeted area untouched.

Some of the first argon and carbon dioxide lasers treated birthmarks. While port wine stains and hemangiomas may have been lightened post-treatment, there was also a high rate of scarring caused by thermal energy from laser light directed at target cells. In the past 20 years or so, more lasers have debuted to treat a wider range of conditions effectively and without the side effects of predecessor technologies.

Fractional lasers: A modern approach

Today the main lasers used to resurface the skin are non-ablative, fractional systems. In contrast to ablative techniques that remove the top layers of skin while affecting the lower layers, non-ablative approaches leave the outermost epidermis intact while targeting only lower dermis. As you might imagine, non-ablative treatment has historically not had the transformative power of traditional ablative approaches making it unsuitable for some types of conditions and depending on the severity of the condition. However, non-ablative techniques do have excellent safety profiles and allow for rapid recovery.

With fractional lasers, you can achieve smoother, more even, and unblemished skin following a lunch hour appointment. A range of conditions may be treated effectively, and typically with little more side effects than a sunburn-like pinkness, swelling, flaking, and sensitivity to sunlight. These lasers have a unique power to dramatically improve skin appearance and texture by dividing the column of light delivered to the treatment area into thousands of microscopic zones. Since these zones target a fraction of skin at a single time, the surface layer of skin may be safely removed while also working on the mid-layer of skin where so many of the substances, responsible for how the skin looks, feels, and ages, are located.

One of the most beneficial substances is collagen protein. Collagen aids in firmness, suppleness, elasticity, and the cell turnover that promotes luminous, youthful looking skin. As you get older, your body produces less collagen. Light energy from a fractional laser stimulates the production of collagen. As a result your skin is better equipped to smooth wrinkles, scars, and other irregularities on its own.

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