FDA approved Exilis comes in when fitness isn’t enough for our Irvine area patients

Southern California is a place where visitors may think that every person is naturally thin and beautiful. Some of the most attractive people can be seen on our beaches and enjoying our cities. There is no doubt that many people in Orange County are very serious about their fitness level, choosing nutritious foods and healthy exercise habits. Even with our tendency to love the outdoors and physical activity, many people struggle to eliminate those last stubborn pounds that tend to stick around. For many of us, unwanted pockets of fat are hereditary. We offer a solution to obstinate fat pockets, and it does not require surgery.

Innovative treatment with no cutting

FDA approved Exilis is a popular treatment choice for our patients from Irvine and other cities in the OC. This treatment is based on monopolar radio frequency, thermal energy that is delivered in controlled doses via a mobile hand device. Run across the skin, the Exilis hand piece sends RF energy deep into fatty tissues without affecting surrounding tissues or surface skin. Side effects of treatment are virtually non-existent, with some patients experiencing mild redness or swelling. A non-invasive fat reducing, skin tightening treatment, Exilis requires no downtime for recovery. Dr. Dr. Farshidi’s patients can return to their busy schedules right away.

Exilis treatments require no sedatives and no “going under” the knife. There are no injections, no potential for scarring, just a comfortable, massage-like procedure. To flush destroyed fat cells from the body, one only needs to increase water intake following treatment to at least twelve 8 oz. glasses a day.

A one-two punch against unwanted fat

RF energy from Exilis affects the body in two ways. When the device moves across the skin, energy reaches fat cells beneath the skin, creating a thermal response, which disrupts them. In response to heating, fat cells release lipids and become significantly smaller. The melted fat that has spilled from cells is processed and excreted naturally over a period of several months. Since new fat cells are not produced, the results from Exilis can last a very long time with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Radio frequency energy also affects the natural production of collagen, which is a vital component to the structural support of healthy skin. In response to RF energy, cells produce new bundles of collagen deep within the skin, promoting improved strength, thickness, and tightness that only improves with time.

This one-two punch delivered by Exilis helps our patients achieve smoother, younger looking skin and improved contours in places like the thighs, hips, back, arms, and face. Exilis is so safe and effective it can even be used to treat delicate areas around the eyes. Fitness may not always be enough to achieve your ideal contours or skin tone. Contact us at (949) 531-7111 to complete your fitness journey.


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