Newport Beach CA doctor restores volume with Belotero, sculpts with alternative to fat freeze technique

You can love or hate fat. Age-related changes to the volume and distribution of fat can result in sunken areas, wrinkles, and lines. Hormonal changes can result in stubborn fat pockets, such as around the middle. Dr. Farshidi offers many ways to restore youthful contours to the face and body, with fillers such as Belotero Balance and “warm sculpting” with Exilis, an alternative to CoolSculpting for fat reduction and skin tightening.

Why Belotero?

Americans are generally taught to despise fat. Yet fat is necessary to maintain a supple, youthful-looking appearance. Consider how the aging face, especially forehead and cheeks, loses fat. The resulting thin skin and hollows can make you look older than your age. As fat accumulation and distribution changes, you are also losing beneficial proteins such as collagen and elastin for skin flexibility and firmness.

As these changes occur, you may notice how lines associated with facial expressions are more prominent. Crow’s feet or worry lines on or near the forehead, or smile lines around the nose and mouth, may still be evident even when your face is at rest. In some cases, these lines make you look perpetually angry or sad. This doesn’t reflect the real you!

Belotero is an injectable treatment that allows you to regain natural features and youthful contours. It is among the newest types of fillers FDA-approved to treat the nasolabial folds curving around the nose and mouth, vertical lip lines, and smile and chin lines toward the bottom of the face.

Unlike neuromodulators such as Botox, it is designed to fill in smile or marionette lines and wrinkles on the face. It does not inhibit the muscle contraction responsible for expression lines like Botox and comparable products do when injected to treat frown lines and crow’s feet.

Belotero stands out favorably from other common hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm. It is uniquely manufactured to yield a soft, cohesive gel that instantly and seamlessly blends in with tissues. A desirable smoothing effect is seen on moderate to severe etched-in lines and wrinkles.

Why Exilis?

Of course, you may also be grappling with excess fat in areas that were formerly sculpted. In these cases, you may be tempted to try CoolSculpting. This approach applies controlled cool temperatures to pockets of fat, such as on the tummy, thighs, and back. Fat cells are frozen and crystallize. Gradually, the body eliminates the fat as part of a natural metabolic process.

An alternative to the big fat freeze in Newport Beach is to apply heat. This warm sculpting in the form of Exilis also involves the precise application of controlled temperatures. Only with this approach, heat is derived in the form of radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Due in part to the design of the applicator and built-in monitoring, Exilis is known to be a well-tolerated and comfortable procedure. You also have the added benefit of experiencing skin tightening. Energy from RF is known to speed up the cells’ metabolic activity, which causes them to not only shrink but to also stimulate the production of new, firming collagen.

This is particularly beneficial for those areas of the body that are fleshy rather than fatty, such as behind the arms. Like Belotero, Exilis can also be used on the face. Jowls or a turkey neck may be tightened.

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