Effective body contouring treatments in the Irvine area use innovative technology

The Orange County area of Southern California is a haven for people who want to “get away” and enjoy the great outdoors. On our pristine beaches you can surf, sun, and simply take in the beauty around you. Locals are out and about just as much as vacationers and we want to feel confident when we slip on those shorts or that bathing suit. If loose skin or slight bulges in some area of your body are keeping you from jumping right in to the OC lifestyle, effective body contouring treatments can change your whole outlook. In our office near Irvine, patients experience the power of Exilis.

Exilis provides beautiful body contouring without the hassle or cost of surgery. In a few short sessions under the supervision of experienced dermatologist Dr. Arta Farshidi, men and women of Newport Beach and surrounding areas can comfortably and effective achieve their cosmetic goals.

Is this really possible?


At this time, Exilis treatments are viewed as the gold standard for beautiful body contouring and skin tightening, and the Exilis technology is available conveniently in our office.

How it works

Exilis is a non-invasive body contouring, skin tightening treatment based on radio frequency energy. In a treatment session, a hand held device is slowly moved across the skin of the treatment area, which may be the tummy, love handles, thighs, knees, arms, and more. From the hand piece comes powerful radio frequency energy, which warms the cells in the fat layer beneath the skin. There are a few effects that take place as these cells heat beneath RF energy:

  1. The production of new collagen, which supports tighter, healthier skin, is stimulated.
  2. Targeted fat cells are “damaged” and will be naturally eliminated from the body over time.
  3. The treatment area becomes smaller and tighter with each consecutive treatment. Most people notice changes in their contours after their first session.

Exilis is ideal for a variety of people

Exilis patients range in age from their mid-twenties to their mid-seventies! This technologically advanced treatment has been effective in men and women who lead generally active lives and make healthy choices to improve their wellbeing and physique. You don’t have to be a gym rat to benefit from Exilis, just in good health and concerned about your aesthetic. Exilis is not a tool for weight loss, but can help you achieve that final goal where diet and exercise end.

Feel great in your shorts, short skirts, and bathing suit! Call (949) 531-7111.


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