Irvine residents ask: “What dermatologist near me provides alternatives to surgical fat reduction?”

Today you don’t have to live with stubborn pockets of fat that don’t budge no matter how hard you exercise or how well you eat. You also don’t need to go under the knife to regain a more desirable shape or to tighten skin on your face or neck that has slid southward with time.

Traditionally, if you weren’t able to exercise it off or diet it off liposuction or a facelift may have been the only real answer to regaining your youthful shape and appearance.

These procedures sound invasive, because they are invasive. Lipo involves quite literally sucking out the fat from targeted areas of the body with a vacuum accessed by a small tube inserted through incisions. As you might imagine it’s not for everyone. Your medical history and medication usage can eliminate you as a candidate for lipo as it is an invasive surgery. As such it carries a number of risks ranging from permanent numbness and infection to kidney and heart problems caused by fluid imbalances.

A facelift to raise that turkey neck or double chin may not be recommended if you have a history of taking medications such as blood thinners. Risks range from permanent nerve injury and paralysis to skin loss if the blood supply is interrupted. It should be noted that many of these effects are quite rare. Even though these procedures have improved through the years, you may not want to go through the prolonged healing time or deal with the potential complications.

No surgery necessary

If you can’t or don’t want to go under the knife the many nonsurgical options offered by Dr. Arta Farshidi may be right for you. Exilis uses Radiofrequency energy to heat underlying tissues. As these tissues are heated, the fat cells in your trouble areas are safely and comfortably destroyed. Since your trouble areas are targeted surrounding healthy tissue isn’t touched.

Exilis has additional benefits aside from body contouring as the RF energy also sets off a process of collagen remodeling. Collagen gives skin its firmness and is lost as part of the natural aging process. Due to this benefit Exilis may be used to remove creases and furrows on your face and neck.

While Exilis and other nonsurgical procedures are certainly not as invasive as lipo or a facelift, there are potential risks nonetheless. They include redness, swelling, tenderness, and blistering. You can minimize these risks by partnering with a qualified, experienced board-certified dermatologist. When you ask: “What is the best Exilis provider near me in Irvine?” look to Dr. Farshidi. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule a consultation.


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