Chemical peel treatments in Irvine maintain, restore youthful qualities to aging, sun-damaged face

“Chemical” and “peel” as it relates to your skin may sound somewhat unsettling. Once you know more about chemical peel treatments in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable provider like Dr. Arta Farshidi, you’ll find out how non-threatening, safe, and easy these treatments can be. Not only are these treatments safe and effective but also they are arguably the most versatile of procedures in the dermatological world. They may be customized to you. The “chemical” part This treatment wouldn’t work without a solution customized to your skin type and complexion, and to the specific concern that brings you to … Continue reading

Apeele earns glowing reviews as next-generation; versatile answer to traditional chemical peels

You may associate chemical peels with treatments for specific types of conditions, which can be limiting and may not be applicable for a broad range of conditions and patients. You may also associate this means of resurfacing the skin with unpredictable results and unwanted side effects, including discomfort and some of the very conditions the patient may wish to eliminate, such as scars and uneven skin tone. As a “next-generation” chemical peel, Apeele® minimizes the concerns that may have resulted in patients having a negative experience with peels containing other ingredients. Apeele® contains a mix of powerful yet low-risk ingredients, … Continue reading

ViPeel opens up a world of treatment options at Orange County practice

Three of the top 10 sunniest cities in the U.S. are right here in the Golden State. All that sun is a big selling point, but there is a “dark side.” Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the skin. The ViPeel administered at Arta Dermatology can treat a range of unwanted effects from the sun, including: Hyperpigmentation Pre-cancers Wrinkling In fact, ViPeel can be used just as safely and effectively on wrinkled and spotted sun-exposed hands, chest, and arms as it is used on facial speckling and lines. Chemical peels are versatile procedures. Many types of solutions … Continue reading

ViPeel treatment a powerful alternative to traditional chemical peels for Newport Beach patients

VI Peel is a preferred treatment in Newport Beach because it combines the effectiveness of a deeper peel with the ease and low risk of side effects and complications of a more superficial peel. While VI Peel can be combined with other treatments such as lasers, on its own it can accomplish in one session what other light-based treatments accomplish in multiple sessions. From the beginning of treatment, VI Peel is an attractive option for those patients with blotchy, leathery, lackluster, spotted and wrinkled skin. It is also a good preventative option for those younger patients with little to no … Continue reading

Patients dramatically improve appearance at Orange County, CA office with low-risk, modern chemical peels

Restore your beauty with chemical peels designed to beautify the face, as well as, the hands and other areas of the body that may be adding years to your appearance. Versatility Some treatments; such as skin tightening or fat reduction, have limited applications. For instance, a device designed to treat larger areas of the body would not necessarily be suitable to treat the delicate under eye areas or small surface areas around the mouth and nose. However, with chemical peels, same peeling solution used to treat concerns on smaller, sensitive areas of the face may also be applied to effectively … Continue reading

Newport Beach doctor uses latest generation of versatile chemical peel treatment options

Dr. Arta Farshidi wants to help you improve your skin and discover a new you with chemical peels. This versatile treatment option is capable of improving the tone, texture, and overall appearance of your face, hands, neck, and chest. The peel gets its name from a chemical solution that, when applied in a controlled manner under professional supervision, penetrates the outermost layers of damaged skin to reveal a new, refreshed look. Many types of solutions are used to affect positive skin changes. These options contribute to the ability to customize the peel to many different patients’ unique needs. Even similar … Continue reading

Restore youthful appearance courtesy of ViPeels procedure in Orange County, CA

Some traditional chemical peels are associated with pain, discoloration, and downtime as the skin heals. ViPeels can achieve the results you are looking for in a chemical peel, without these and other unwanted side effects. The ViPeels procedure is a new-generation approach to a longtime method of rejuvenating the appearance of the skin by removing old, damaged skin cells. The ViPeel approach ViPeel is a solution spread across the affected area, be it on the face, neck, hands, or chest. This chemical solution reacts with the skin to cause “controlled damage.” That prompts a process whereby older skin cells are … Continue reading