Patients dramatically improve appearance at Orange County, CA office with low-risk, modern chemical peels

Restore your beauty with chemical peels designed to beautify the face, as well as, the hands and other areas of the body that may be adding years to your appearance.


Some treatments; such as skin tightening or fat reduction, have limited applications. For instance, a device designed to treat larger areas of the body would not necessarily be suitable to treat the delicate under eye areas or small surface areas around the mouth and nose. However, with chemical peels, same peeling solution used to treat concerns on smaller, sensitive areas of the face may also be applied to effectively treat parts of the body; such as upper chest, arms, and hands exposed to the cumulative effects of Ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning beds.

Chemical peels are versatile in other ways, as well. Since the power of this type of procedure resides in the type of solution applied to the treatment area, that solution may be customized to your specific area of concern. Some peeling agents may be better suited to treat leathery texture and lackluster appearance while other peels may be tailored to treat more moderate wrinkling or surface irregularities.

The suitability of each respective peel depends on a few key factors, including:

  • How far the peeling agent penetrates into the skin
  • The concentration of the acid used to resurface the skin
  • The type of acid used (such as glycolic, salicylic)
  • How long the solution remains on the skin

While each type of peel has its own characteristics, each patient is unique and will drive the treatment plan developed by Dr. Farshidi. Before arriving at the best peel for you and your unwanted lines, dryness, pigmentation problems and other concerns, she will evaluate the condition of your skin. Factors taken into account include: goals for treatment, complexion, medical history, and current medication use.

Thanks to innovations, you don’t have to suffer with significant downtime and pain following a deep chemical peel to get the dramatic results you may crave from the procedure. Treatments like ViPeel may be used on a variety of complexions to safely and effectively treat everything from sun spots and melasma to acne and associated scarring. In the past, to get the noticeable results attained with ViPeel, patients may have been left with one alternative in the peeling world: a deep chemical peel. Generally, those types of peels have fallen out of favor due to the risks associated with more drastic treatments thanks to the development of better peeling agents and the introduction of alternative therapies; such as lasers.

With the latest chemical peels administered by dermatological specialists at the Orange County, CA office of Dr. Arta Farshidi, there really is no excuse to wait another day to erase the years. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule an appointment in Newport Beach.


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