Enjoy predictable results in body contouring with Exilis in Newport Beach

Millions of men and women are taking all the right steps to achieve their ideal level of physical fitness. Are you one of those who eats well, exercises, gets plenty of sleep, and limits alcohol consumption? Yet you still find that you struggle with stubborn fat? If so, you may be exceedingly happy to hear there is a way to get yourself into a better situation without the need for cosmetic surgery. At Arta Dermatology, Exilis treatments provide an ideal, non-invasive way to reduce fat in various areas.

With help from your Newport Beach dermatologist, it is possible to achieve your desired physical shape. Body contouring, skin-tightening Exilis is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment offered in our Newport Beach office that targets obstinate fat using safe, effective radio frequency energy. The energy from radio frequency waves heats up fat cells, causing them to expel lipids and fade away naturally.

There are several benefits to Exilis as a non-surgical fat reduction treatment. In addition to producing predictable results in clinical trials and years of practical application, Exilis has been proven very safe and comfortable. The system contains a built-in cooling device that keeps surface skin cool as heat is delivered beneath the epidermis. Performed in our Newport Beach office, Exilis requires no general or local anesthesia, and no down time. After treatment, you can easily return to normal activities.

What is interesting about Exilis is that every patient responds in his or her own unique way to treatments. Many people notice a visible difference after just one session. Because fat cells are gradually flushed from the body, results achieved with Exilis are progressive, improving as time goes by. The overall process of fat reduction via natural means typically takes a few months. During this time, four to six sessions may be completed depending on the overall desired effect and conditions of the area being treated, such as the amount of fat present. During a private consultation, Dr. Arta Farshidi discusses treatment, including the recommended number of sessions.

Dr. Farshidi is experienced in helping patients address unwanted fat. Based on literature and clinical trials, results from Exilis treatment predictably achieve those goals. Without undergoing a costly surgical procedure, it is possible to realize your objective of reducing that last bit of stubborn fat.

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