Is Belotero near me in Newport Beach used for the eye area?

Of the various signs of aging on the face, under eye bags are nearly impossible to hide. Though cosmetic companies offer makeup that supposedly minimizes the shadowing and bulging of under eye skin problems, there is really no better way to get lasting results than with the right type of dermal filler. Under eye bags may result from a number of issues: the loss of elasticity in the skin and underlying support mesh, excess fat cells, and more. At one time, the only way to get rid of under eye puffiness was to surgically remove fatty deposits and “lift” the … Continue reading

Belotero distinguishes itself from other fillers available in Irvine with immediate, noticeable results

Of the dozens of dermal fillers on the market to lift sunken areas and smooth furrows, those made of Hyaluronic Acid remain quite popular due partly to the HA found naturally in your skin, joints and eyes. As a natural lubricant, risks associated with injecting HA-based fillers are minimized. Over time, your body makes less of this moisturizing substance. This can result in dry skin, and makes any lines and wrinkles look more pronounced. In turn, think of these fillers as replenishing the beneficial substance that helps to protect your skin and retain its youthful, dewy appearance. Belotero Balance® is … Continue reading

Orange County sees immediate, natural-looking improvements with Belotero Balance filler

You may have heard of Juvéderm but may not be familiar with what this wrinkle-smoother does or how it works. Juvéderm is arguably one of the best-known types of dermal fillers. As their name suggests, the substances contained in these products are designed to plump up the skin once injected into treatment areas. Common treatment areas may include the lines on either side of the nose and mouth, or above the lips. Tissues may thin and lose their elasticity as the result of age-related changes underneath the surface as well as lifestyle and environmental factors such as sun exposure at … Continue reading

Newport Beach dermatologist harnesses power of Belotero for volume loss

Like a lot of dermal fillers, Belotero is not a singular solution to every aesthetic concern. Belotero is among a family of fillers. Each product in the line is designed to address different signs of aging. Volume loss represents one sign of aging that can alter the shape of your face and dramatically change your appearance. You are born with natural facial volume, thanks to underlying fat and supportive fibers and proteins known as collagen and elastin. As you age, the natural production of these substances declines. You may notice volume loss in the cheek area before you notice it … Continue reading

Dermatologist at Irvine, CA area practice discusses merits of Belotero Balance procedure

Unlike other types of procedures; such as some lasers and mechanical resurfacing techniques, you can see an improvement in your appearance immediately after a single treatment with Belotero Balance®. What should I expect from the Belotero Balance® procedure? Belotero Balance® is a dermal filler. As with other dermal fillers, this type of treatment is injected into trouble spots to add volume and restore youthful contours and smoothness. Dr. Farshidi precisely applies this wrinkle-smoother to the folds around your nose and mouth by way of a very fine needle. The amount of filler injected into your face depends partly on: The … Continue reading

Uniquely-formulated Belotero Balance helps patients in Newport Beach CA achieve a more youthful, yet natural look

Belotero Balance may not be as well-known as Juvéderm, but you should get to know this dermal filler and the unique characteristics that may make it the preferred way to treat folds around the nose and mouth. Introducing: Belotero Balance The FDA approved this dermal filler in 2011. It is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles. Juvéderm gained FDA approval for the correction of facial folds and wrinkles in 2006. Juvéderm has become a family of products, such as Juvéderm Ultra Plus. The newer products are generally thicker and designed for the treatment of … Continue reading

Newport Beach CA doctor restores volume with Belotero, sculpts with alternative to fat freeze technique

You can love or hate fat. Age-related changes to the volume and distribution of fat can result in sunken areas, wrinkles, and lines. Hormonal changes can result in stubborn fat pockets, such as around the middle. Dr. Farshidi offers many ways to restore youthful contours to the face and body, with fillers such as Belotero Balance and “warm sculpting” with Exilis, an alternative to CoolSculpting for fat reduction and skin tightening. Why Belotero? Americans are generally taught to despise fat. Yet fat is necessary to maintain a supple, youthful-looking appearance. Consider how the aging face, especially forehead and cheeks, loses … Continue reading