Belotero distinguishes itself from other fillers available in Irvine with immediate, noticeable results

Of the dozens of dermal fillers on the market to lift sunken areas and smooth furrows, those made of Hyaluronic Acid remain quite popular due partly to the HA found naturally in your skin, joints and eyes. As a natural lubricant, risks associated with injecting HA-based fillers are minimized. Over time, your body makes less of this moisturizing substance. This can result in dry skin, and makes any lines and wrinkles look more pronounced. In turn, think of these fillers as replenishing the beneficial substance that helps to protect your skin and retain its youthful, dewy appearance.

Belotero Balance® is one of the newest HA-based fillers on the block. It is uniquely designed to treat moderate to severe “etched-in” lines and wrinkles in a way that other dermal fillers can’t.

What is the secret?

Belotero Balance® distinguishes itself in the general and HA-based filler market by actually integrating into the tissues to be treated. Other fillers are designed instead to build up facial volume and structure in areas such as the cheeks, which is often one of the first parts of the face where age-related fat loss may be most noticeable.

Alternately, Belotero® Balance goes to work on the moderate to severe lines or wrinkles that reside on the sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth. It is also versatile enough to treat other types of folds such as those vertical lines above and around the lips and those delicate and depressed areas underneath the eyes.

Also unlike other fillers, this soft and cohesive gel evenly integrates into the skin to fill in those wrinkles, creases and folds so quickly that improvements are noticed immediately upon treatment. These results also last a long time, so you may only need sessions two times a year. With the use of safe, noninvasive fillers like Belotoro Balance®, Dr. Arta Farshidi and her team at Arta Dermatology rethink the notion of “no pain, no gain.” You can achieve significant gains without pain. At most, you may experience mild and temporary irritation, redness, and tenderness at the injection site. These side effects disappear so quickly and are so modest that you’ll be able to return to your work, activities and family without missing a beat.

Dr. Farshidi can assess if you’re a good candidate for Belotero Balance® or a number of other fillers administered by the Arta Dermatology. Call the Irvine area office at (949) 531-7111 to schedule a consultation.


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