Newport Beach dermatologist harnesses power of Belotero for volume loss

Like a lot of dermal fillers, Belotero is not a singular solution to every aesthetic concern. Belotero is among a family of fillers. Each product in the line is designed to address different signs of aging.

Volume loss represents one sign of aging that can alter the shape of your face and dramatically change your appearance.

You are born with natural facial volume, thanks to underlying fat and supportive fibers and proteins known as collagen and elastin. As you age, the natural production of these substances declines.

You may notice volume loss in the cheek area before you notice it anywhere else on the face. The resulting volume loss makes the mid-face appear hollow. Sagging tissues in the cheeks lead to nasolabial folds, which run on either side of the mouth and nose.

Volume loss and subsequent skin sagging also produces oral commissures or folds on each corner of the mouth and jowls on a formerly defined jawline. Your face can take on more of a square shape, as opposed to the triangular contours of youth.

Introducing Belotero for volume loss

Newport Beach dermatologist Dr. Arta Farshidi can restore youthful volume and shape with Belotero. Made from Hyaluronic Acid, Belotero stands out from other HA-based fillers such as the very popular Juvéderm.

Belotero’s unique formulation produces instant, visible results. As the filler is injected into the treatment area with a thin needle, Belotero acts like a cushion. Facial structures and tissues are supported. Just as a balloon expands and accordingly smoothes out uneven surfaces, Belotero will smoothe the folds and wrinkles while filling in sunken areas.

Belotero is also uniquely positioned to integrate easily and effectively into the skin. Natural contours and facial expression are not disrupted.

What else should I know about Belotero?

Belotero may boost the apples of your cheeks, and add volume to other areas ravaged by volume loss over time: the temples and chin. Belotero can effectively define lips, which can also appear to shrink with age. To avoid “trout pout,” a more conservative approach is taken. You may see some swelling immediately after treatment and before the desired natural effects are seen.

Generally, most patients report mild, temporary discomfort. Belotero may also be formulated with pain-reducing lidocaine. Belotero takes around 30 minutes but you can enjoy natural speak with Dr. Farshidi during a consultation. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule. looking results for 9 to 18 months.

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