Orange County sees immediate, natural-looking improvements with Belotero Balance filler

You may have heard of Juvéderm but may not be familiar with what this wrinkle-smoother does or how it works. Juvéderm is arguably one of the best-known types of dermal fillers. As their name suggests, the substances contained in these products are designed to plump up the skin once injected into treatment areas. Common treatment areas may include the lines on either side of the nose and mouth, or above the lips.

Tissues may thin and lose their elasticity as the result of age-related changes underneath the surface as well as lifestyle and environmental factors such as sun exposure at the surface. Filler products’ plumping action, in turn, has the added effect of smoothing lines and wrinkles. The result is a more youthful appearance, free of the folds and creases caused by the ravages of time and habits such as smoking and tanning.

It’s no surprise that this immensely popular filler is Hyaluronic acid-based. There are many reasons HA-based fillers are so popular, including:

  • HA is a natural substance, already found in the skin as well as the eyes and joints
  • As a natural substance, HA is biocompatible and does not pose toxicity concerns to existing tissues
  • HA is a moisture-loving molecule, which means that it binds to water to produce a gel that plumps up the treatment area like a cushion
  • HA is a beneficial natural moisturizer associated with a dewy, radiant glow
  • Since HA is natural, it is a good treatment option for many patients and does not pose the side effects, complications of other animal, synthetic-based fillers or permanent products

Belotero Balance is one of these preferred HA-based fillers. However, Belotero goes a few steps further than its better-known counterparts; it is integrated quickly and evenly into tissues. You can see immediate improvements in the look of your skin.

Belotero is also a suitable treatment for moderate to severe wrinkles and lines around the nose and at the corners of the mouth. When it isn’t being used to refresh these areas of the face, Belotero is a diverse treatment that can erase the vertical lines above and around the lips. It can even treat sunken areas such as those underneath the eyes

To find out if you are a good candidate for Belotero Balance, schedule an appointment with Orange County dermatologist Dr. Arta Farshidi and her team at Arta Dermatology.


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