Apeele earns glowing reviews as next-generation; versatile answer to traditional chemical peels

You may associate chemical peels with treatments for specific types of conditions, which can be limiting and may not be applicable for a broad range of conditions and patients. You may also associate this means of resurfacing the skin with unpredictable results and unwanted side effects, including discomfort and some of the very conditions the patient may wish to eliminate, such as scars and uneven skin tone.

As a “next-generation” chemical peel, Apeele® minimizes the concerns that may have resulted in patients having a negative experience with peels containing other ingredients. Apeele® contains a mix of powerful yet low-risk ingredients, including topical anesthetics to heighten patient comfort and minimize pain. Another nod to the unique nature of this effective answer to resurfacing, when Dr. Arta Farshidi applies Apeele® built-in “permeation enhancers” help to achieve deeper and more even penetration of the active ingredients. Generally, deep and even absorption of the peeling agents helps to achieve desirable results and glowing reviews from Dr. Farshidi’s patients. A wider range of patients may be treated for a wider range of problems with Apeele® than with other “traditional” peels.

Doctors historically may have suggested alternative treatments for individuals with either very dark or very fair skin tones at greater risk for complications such as pigmentation problems. Apeele®, however, is suitable for all skin types. Whereas other chemical peels are known for combating acne, scars, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, Apeele® is quite versatile. It can be many things to many different people, and is indicated for sun damage including poor texture and dryness, hyper pigmentation and acne.

Apeele® is also earning rave reviews from individuals concerned about spots and wrinkles on the arms, hands and neck. With other types of chemical peels you may not see desired results for days or weeks and after multiple treatment sessions. Depending on the depth of the peel, these results may not be noticed until after significant recovery and prolonged healing. With Apeele®, you may see improved texture, tone, and generally younger-looking skin after just one session.

As much as the Apeele® chemical peel system has resulted in glowing skin and, accordingly, glowing reviews from patients at Arta Dermatology, Dr. Farshidi offers other peel and resurfacing options. She won’t know for sure if Apeele® is best for you until after a thorough examination of your medical history and skin. Start the process of putting your best face forward by calling (949) 531-7111.


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