Anti-wrinkle treatment as simple as a few injections in Newport Beach

There are certain attributes that we perceive as beautiful when we view the face. The changes that occur in the skin can diminish our satisfaction with our appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and a loss of definition are all likely as we age. These changes occur as vital substances produced by the body decrease. Without adequate support and nourishment, the skin shows signs of damage from biochemical stressors, UV exposure, and more. Age does not have to dull your beauty. At Arta Dermatology, anti-wrinkle treatments are as simple as a few injections. If you live in the Newport Beach area, you are within reach of the facial rejuvenation you desire.

What happens to our skin with age

As the internal parts of the body change with age, the skin begins to show signs of wear. In order for skin to look firm and supple, it needs support. Naturally occurring substances like elastin and collagen form to hold skin and fatty tissues in a lifted, tight position. Hyaluronic acid, a sugar compound, is made in the body to hydrate the skin, the eyes, and various joints. Changes to the biochemistry of the body lead to diminished production of these substances and, in turn, signs of aging.

Restoring youth in your dermatologist’s office

For ages, humans have chased the proverbial fountain of youth. We want to feel better, to look better, and live longer. Today more than ever, we have a myriad of therapies that can help us achieve these goals. The signs of facial aging can be reduced with specific treatments and a healthy lifestyle that includes UV protection. In the office of your board-certified, experienced Orange County dermatologist, you can restore what time has taken away. Many of Dr. Arta’s patients have enjoyed facial rejuvenation through dermal fillers.

With precise treatment, Dr. Farshidi can help you achieve:

  • Greater definition in the chin and jawline
  • Restored fullness to the cheeks
  • Lifted jowls
  • Fuller, more attractive lips
  • Younger looking eyes
  • Smoother skin around the mouth and nose

With personal attention, your skin can thrive. Call Arta Dermatology at (949) 531-7111 to schedule a one-on-one consultation with your friendly Newport Beach dermatologist.


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