Restore youthful features with range of anti-aging treatment options

With age comes wisdom as well as unwanted consequences. Lines, wrinkles, leathery texture, and lackluster or spotty tone can age the skin far before its time. Arta Dermatology’s comprehensive services can treat unwelcome effects of “more birthdays.”

How skin ages

Skin that is considered healthy is often “youthful.” It is generally smooth, even, and unblemished. After the age of 20, skin ages from the inside out. After your teens, the body makes 1 percent less of the firming collagen protein each year.

Elastin, which gives skin its ability to spring back, also diminishes with age. Expression lines may appear prominent and stick around even when your face is at rest as skin cannot bounce back as it once did.

The Hyaluronic Acid so beneficial to keep skin moist and luminous is also in shorter supply, as the body’s sweat and oil glands do not function as well as they once did.

Environmental factors cause premature aging or worsen age-related conditions. Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays from tanning beds and sunlight promote freckles, age spots, and precancerous lesions. Exaggerated loss of collagen, elastin, and other substances vital to skin health produce rough texture, deep creases, and sagging.

Resetting the clock

Anti-aging treatment starts with preventing damage or preventing continued damage to the skin. Dr. Arta Farshidi will get you on a treatment plan that includes regularly-scheduled skin evaluations and self-exams. These appointments are critical to detect changes to the skin that may be indicative of serious problems such as skin cancers.

Just because your use of sunscreen and other sun protection products and techniques may have been lax in childhood does not mean it is too late to protect your skin. There is no time like the present to intervene and heal the skin or diminish and prevent additional damage.

Dr. Farshidi will recommend sunscreen and other products that are effective and work best for your skin.

Arta Dermatology professionals also prescribe proven and safe medications to improve the appearance of everything from late-onset acne to signs of sun damage such as pigmentation changes.

In the past anti-aging procedures may have brought to mind invasive surgeries such as facelifts. Today effective treatments fit patients’ busy lifestyles and are free of the risks associated with surgical restorative procedures.

Dermal fillers replenish the collagen, elastin, and other substances that naturally decline over time. Wrinkles are smoothed, youthful contours regained, and cheeks and lips plumped. Like fillers, Botox and Dysport are injectable treatments that may be performed over the lunch hour. They inhibit the muscular activity responsible for expression lines.

Newer methods of treatment use everything from Radiofrequency energy (or radio waves) and cold applied in a controlled manner to tighten sagging skin and trim stubborn fat on face and body. Even “older” treatments such as laser therapies and chemical peels have advanced to produce dramatic results with minimal side effects conveniently and without the downtime required of invasive surgical procedures.


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