Newport Beach CA doctor recommends effective products, administers therapies to cure acne

Not all dermatological and medical conditions can be cured. In some cases, the symptoms can only be managed. Dr. Arta Farshidi can treat acne, to help you manage outbreaks and help prevent scars that remain years after spots and bumps subside.

Acne Cure in Newport Beach CA

Treatment starts with an examination of your skin and medical history, which gives the doctor a better understanding of your acne and its causes.

Younger patients may develop acne due to hormonal changes at the onset of puberty. Women may develop acne for the first time due to hormonal fluctuations associated with menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause.

Some medications can regulate the hormones responsible for increased oil production, whereas other treatments may be applied topically or may be taken in pill form to reduce bacteria and inflammation. Products might be prescribed in combination, but Dr. Farshidi will need to evaluate your skin on a regular basis to see how it’s reacting.

Partnering to help discover your skin, discover a new you

You can’t be at the office all the time, so it’s important to maintain a care regimen that promotes clear skin. The doctor can recommend non-comedogenic and oil-free cleansers, moisturizers, sun protection, and makeup products or brands. She can also suggest appropriate commercial products designed to effectively treat acne. Many products are designed to treat oily teenaged skin, which can be overly drying and irritating for adult patients.

Outside influences can also make acne worse. Keep your diet and stress in check for the health of your body and for the beauty of your skin.

Treatments available in our office include:

  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Acne extraction, drainage
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Chemical peels

There is no time like the present to achieve healthier skin and prevent complications such as scarring. Call (949) 531-7111 to schedule a consultation.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Farshidi call (949) 531-7111.


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